Mission, Values and Vision

Mission Statement

We are a Catholic community whose mission is to fully prepare our students for the wider world and to send them into it equipped for life and for the service of others.  We come together from diverse backgrounds, united by Christ, by the highest aspirations and by a thirst for excellence to instil in our students a respect for themselves, for others and for their environment.  We take our inspiration from Jesus’ commandment to “love one another”.

Values Statement

All Saints is a welcoming faith community living by the value of :

  • Respect for ourselves, others and our environment.
  • Understanding, accepting and celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of our All Saints’ family.
  • Affection for all members of our school and wider community in every situation.
  • Humour in our interactions with each other, showing loving kindness to all.

Vision Statement

By 2024 we will be a school community demonstrating excellence through :

  • Every member of the All Saints’ community feeling valued, respected, represented and loved. Together we engage positively with each other and our wider community, including our hardest to reach.
  • Recruiting, developing and retaining a quality, highly skilled workforce who value learning and create a safe and secure environment that stimulates creativity and discovery.
  • A challenging, engaging and representative curriculum that fosters high aspirations. Student achievement significantly exceeds national averages.