Vision: At All Saints our science courses are aimed to be interesting, thought-provoking, and fun. At all levels the science curriculum consists of a mix of topics that look at how science affects the world around us. The department is well resourced with a variety of laboratories, classrooms, and computer access with dedicated spaces and staff in each of the three science subject areas.

In our KS3 programme the sciences are blended to introduce students to the basic scientific principles and understanding that they will need both in life and as a stepping stone to GCSE study. In KS4 students are taught either Additional Science or Triple Science; in both they will cover aspects of Biology, Physics and Chemistry in their theoretical aspects but also as practically as possible. All Saints students can also elect to study the three sciences further in A level courses offered by experienced subject specialists. Alongside the subject specific knowledge that students will experience students are taught, at all levels, the importance of analysis, evaluation, and interpretation, building skills that we believe are vital in any future career, science based or not. Here at All Saints it is our overarching goal for our students to be inspired through the intrigue and wonder of science as well as achieve academically.

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KS3 Year 7 and 8
KS4 Year 9, 10 and 11
KS5 Year 12 and 13