Broadening, Enhancing and Supporting the Curriculum

Broadening the Curriculum

In addition to the national curriculum areas taught, students have opportunities to study healthy living and healthy lifestyles, money management and careers (You can find out more about our careers information here). Through work in tutor groups and assemblies they engage with a wide range of topics, from anti-bullying, mental health, charity work, democracy in action and British values (For more information about our British Values curriculum click here).

Enhancing the Curriculum

Students are able to participate in a wide range of activities to develop them as individuals. These include retreats, cultural visits in UK and Europe, sports, music, drama, Duke of Edinburgh programme at all levels, computing, volunteering. They are also introduced to local and national opportunities including the National Citizenship Scheme and Inspiring Youth.

Supporting the Curriculum

Some students may, at times, find it difficult to fully access the opportunities offered by the academic curriculum. The school has access to and uses a range of tailored support mechanisms in such situations, including Peer Mediators, Future Shapers, counselling, parenting support, anger management programmes, SEAL programmes, Shine intervention, Rainbows, in addition to CAMS, MAST and Educational Psychologists.