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All Saints Catholic High School is Christian community within the tradition of the Catholic Church, working in the spirit of gospel values. Within this tradition our school mission is to:

  • Share a common philosophy of life.
  • Teach the truths of our faith and the principles of Christian morality.
  • Encourage our students to fulfil their intellectual, spiritual and physical potential.
  • Prepare each person for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Information Booklet 2014

Punctuality within the Behaviour for Learning System

Notification of early school closure on 8 May 2015


School Uniform

Shoes Acceptable to be worn in School

All Saints School have now appointed Price & Buckland as their new uniform supplier.
Please click the link below to go to the Price and Buckland website.

School information

Head teacher: Mrs C Scott

Chair of Governors: Father J Metcalfe

All Saints is a Catholic Voluntary Academy providing education for boys and girls between the ages of eleven and eighteen.

The School Day:

The school day is from 8.25am, when students should be on site, to 2.50pm when the majority of students are dismissed. Some students continue to study on site until 4.15pm if they are in the sixth form or their courses are in the extended curriculum programme. Excluding the registration times, morning break and lunchtime, a minimum of 25 hours is set aside for teaching in each school week. Extended and extra curriculum time is in addition to these hours.

Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education

We have a Safeguarding Policy and procedures in place. The school has designated Safeguarding Liaison Officers and a Safeguarding Governor.

This link will take you to Sheffield Safeguarding Boards current Policies and Procedures.
Sheffield Safeguarding Boards current Policies and Procedures.

Special Educational Needs

The school has an integrated resource for students who have physical disabilities. These students are admitted to the school via the LA and have a statement of special educational need which recommends this type of provision. Any other students with statements of special educational needs who wish to be admitted to the school are considered alongside all other applicants, using the school admission criteria. The Governing Body makes every effort to accommodate any child with special learning needs when it has been agreed by the Governors that the school can offer appropriate educational environment for the child and the necessary support and resources are available. Further information regarding Special Educational Needs can be found in the school prospectus.

Student Support

Students are assigned to a tutor group of 25 students. These tutor groups are arranged into five houses each with a Head of House and two House Mentors.

The houses are:

  • Courage - Virtus
  • Perseverance - Constantia
  • Endeavour - Conatus
  • Fortitude - Fortitudo
  • Belief - Fides

The progress of all students is monitored closely through the year through the assessment of coursework and homework. Reports are sent home to parents twice each year and parents are invited to a parents' evening to discuss progress.

In addition parents can access live on-line data that informs them about their child's progress and attitude to learning. Students with particular needs have individual plans and the Student Support Team co-ordinate review meetings with parents as appropriate to monitor progress.

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All Saints School Online Payments Guide For Parents

If you require technical help to access the online cashless payment system please contact Tucasi the facility provider. Click here to visit Tucasi's site

Cashless Catering top tips. Download here.

You can request that your child uses a fingerprint scan to pay for food in the canteen. Download the letter here.

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Tracking Assessment at All Saints

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Information concerning the School's use of 'Pupil Premium' funding can be found here.